[Product Name]: SUCRALOSE
[Molecular Formula]: C12 H19 Cl3 O8
[Structural Formula]:

[Molecular Weight]: 397.64
[CAS]: 56038-13-2
[EINECS]: 259-952-2
[E No]: 955
[Description]: White odourless crystalline powder. Freely soluble in water, methanol and ethanol, slightly soluble in ethyl acetate.
[Standard]: Pharma Grade USP38, or according to buyer's requirements.

Food Grade (FCCV)


White crystalline powder

Assay(on dry matter)


Specific rotation


Water determination

NMT 2.0%

Limit of Methanol

NMT 0.1%

Residue on ignition

NMT 0.7%

Limit of Hydrolysis Products

Pass test

Related compounds

Pass test

Usage: It is a new kind of sweetener, which is 600 to 800 times sugar sweetness. It cause no foaming when use it. Stable for long term storage and resistant to high temperature.
Packing: In kraft paper bags or in fiber drum of 25KG net each.
Transport and Storage: Handle with cares to avoid damaging the package, protect them from sunshine or rain. Don抰 transport it with poisonous or harmful goods. Stored in shaded, cool and dry places.

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